Happy 2016!

sunset-1122188_640WOW – have I been away or have I been away?! Yep, it’s been a good while! I’m still living in the UK and I’ll have to let you know about what’s going on with me.

I’m real sorry that I haven’t posted in a while (almost 9 months!). I will do so soon – I promise. In the meantime, enjoy some sun no matter where you are located at the moment.

Hi All!

Just a very, very, very quick mini post (I did promise you that I would keep them teeny tiny) to let you know that I’m coming back to the US for Christmas! Read More

Has Anyone Moved?

Hey from England again guys!! Thanks for the emails about my new work here – we have almost totally finished getting my place ready! Can you all quickly let me know if you’ve updated any of your residential addresses? I’m planning on sending out my Christmas cards next week so drop meĀ  a line if any of you have moved please!

Mike’s in New Zealand

Hi all – just a real quick one to say that if you can’t log on or you’re having trouble commenting here as I know a couple of you are, Mike is away right now for work so if you don’t hear back from him for a few days or even a couple of weeks, don’t worry, he will definitely get in touch asap once he’s less stressed and has some free time.

Hello From England!!!

Argh!!!!!! Everything is amazing! The food is really small but the buildings are amazing and ….. ok, before I get carried away… I arrived safely etc etc etc. I’m writing this from my hotel room. Read More

Thanks for all your emails

Just a quick one to say thanks very much for all your emails of congrats and thanking me for setting this blog up! I can’t reply to you all individually because I’m flying out today and in a rush but I hope you all read this and we’ll be in touch soon – I’ll post an update about what happens in the UK. Thanks again!!!

A Surprise Ahead of Thanksgiving

Just one tiny week to go until Thanksgiving is here.

So I just wanted to make a small post about Thanksgiving, seeing as the countdown has really started now. This time next week, we’ll be eating turkey and potatoes and a whole other bunch of food!! But it’s also a time for family and for sharing.Read More